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"I just received my repaired pipe from you and it is superbly 
done. Your craftmanship is amazing. It smokes wonderfully and the repair is nearly invisible and very strong. I would recommend your service to anyone wanting a pipe repaired. Thanks again for a job well done."

Frank Palamone

"hey ronnie this is aaron. i got the pipe back. great work. it 
smokes 100 percent better. smoked it twice already. did not have to use a pipe cleaner both times. the opening at the lip button looks much nicer also. thanks again for the high quality work."

Aaron Keane

"I received the new Sasieni Fantail stem you made for me and the cleaned bowl. I am delighted with both and wish to thank you very much. It was well worth the wait and the cost. Your craftsmanship is to be congratulated.  Should I ever need your service again I will not hesitate to call on you."

Frank Nemechek

"I received my pipes Saturday in good condition. I haven't tried the Comoy yet, but I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the work you did. I smoked the Peterson today and OH MY GOD! The transformation is UNBELIEVABLE!!! You took a pipe that I'd given up on, and made it one of my best smokers. The thing gurgled like a hookah before. Today I smoked a bowl of Marlin Flake without a 
hint of wetness. I'll be sending you a couple more in the near future, and you can be sure I'll be telling everyone I know about your work."
Steve Teufel

"I've had the chance to smoke both pipes and they DO smoke cool and dry. The draw is the best - very smooth!! Even the Meerschaum smokes well and this something that I've never found in most Meerschaum pipes. They tend to have a real bad draw. I have several nice Meerschaum pipes, but they smoke like crap, but not the one you fixed!!"

Jim Murray

"I just wanted to thank you for the fine work you performed on my Grandfather’s meerschaum pipe. You were correct, the new tenon allows this pipe smoke better than it did previously, and the repair is absolutely invisible from the exterior. Thank you very much. I am very pleased with your craftsmanship. Your attention 
to detail and careful work has insured that someday my grandchildren will enjoy this pipe as much as I do. I will be sure to happily recommend you to anyone I meet who is in need of your services."

Dennis Stoehr

"I received the pipes today and they look splendid. In particular, my grandfather's 1924 Dunhill looks magnificent. It will become the cornerstone of my collection. Thank you so very much for your outstanding craftsmanship and care. I am thrilled with your work."

Jeffrey Glosser

"You sure worked your magic on that little Wilke! I’m thrilled with all three pipes, but the Wilke is simply amazing! You’ve turned it into a high grade (I only paid 80 bucks for it in the first place). It does indeed smoke as well as a Chonowitsch. So much for the “Briar/Brand Controversy.” The Cumberland stem is perfect, and the proportion it lends by being shorter is just plain artistic, but the real magic is on the inside. This pipe 
smokes like a dream! Once again, well worth the wait."

Mike Williams

"Smoked all 6 pipes. Very big difference is smoking quality. Really amazing. The Calichs' improved a lot. Like how you stained the Eells panelled billiard, too."

Len Fogel

"Just finished smoking that Paronelli you blueprinted for me. This has to be the most satisfying blueprint I have ever received from you. The draw was effortless, and it smoked all the way to the bottom of the bowl with no gurgling and no dottle. Every pipe you have worked is an improvement, but this is amazing! It even smokes better than my favorite Wileys. One thousand thanks!!!"

John E. Martin

"I want to thank you again for the modification on my Castello mouthpiece, It's become one of the best smoking pipes that I own! Keep up the good work!"

Chad Boivin

"If you want to run for congress, you've got my vote. <g>
The pipes arrived today and they're just great. You did an excellent job and I'm a happy camper. If you need any endorsements, let me know. I'll be happy to sing your praises."

Thank you and best regards, 


"After a very busy day, I am now relaxing with a toddy and my pipe.  Of course it is the Chonowitsch calabash. You outdid yourself on this one. The bite on this stem is fabulous, so comfortable. I have smoked this pipe more in a week than I smoked it in all the time I have had it."

Cam Schutte

"I received the pipes today. I hope I don't sound overly gushy but the pipes are absolutely stunning-they look better than they did new and unsmoked. Its been years since I bought those La Stradas and can't really remember if they looked as good as they do now. You definitely earn your money and more with your expert work. I don't know if I want to sell them on eBay now-I'm going to hold off of that decision for the time being. Thank you very much." 

Jerry Shaw

"Received my refurbished pipe over the weekend. Out-Standing work! It looks just the way it did when I purchased it nearly 20 years ago. It was always a good-smoking pipe, but your blueprinting process has made it better than ever. Thanks again - I tip my hat to a master."

Rick DiNapoli

"They arrived! They're beautiful--absolutely perfect. I couldn't be happier. I also appreciate your blueprint technique." 

Burt Rodin

"Received the pipes. What great work. They look and smoke like new." 

Mel Bloomfield

"Let me tell you that with a copy of the Ivarsson stamp you'd be dangerous!  Those pipes look just like Lars carved them. In fact, I've seen Ivarsson tulips for sale that are the spittin' image of your pipes.  Ronnie, you're a dangerous man, I'd love to see pictures of pipes you carved." 

Richard Dominguez

"I received the pipe this morning and felt compelled to write. Many thanks for restoring an old friend. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone to send any high end pipe to you. The pipe draws better than ever and the mouthpiece is virtually identical in everyway to the original, in my opinion, even better. Again, thanks for your fine work."

Doug Gavin

"The Bushee arrived today and all I can say is that you are a magician. It is gorgeous. George Bushee would be very pleased. Anyhow, thanks for the tremendous job. I look forward to doing more business in the future." 

Leonard Glantz

"The pipe arrived and it is.... beautiful! It is much nicer than the original.  Not only is the draw better, but the bit is not as thick as the original and is much more comfortable between the teeth. I love it."

Ed Soldi

"Ronni, please put into words this testimonial to your work. I am a cosmetic dentist.  Which means I have to make teeth look better than the original.  Ronni is a cosmetic stem maker...a first class person to work with.  I thought Jim Cooke was the best at stem work. Ronni is right up there, giving Jim a run. Don't look anywhere else. Go with Ronni. A real professional."

Dr. David Ferry.

"Ron Bikacsan sent another batch of acrylic replacement stems he made for several of my favorite pipes.  The 
Vesz pipes originally had Brindle or Cumberland (brown and orange swirl) mouthpieces and Ron approximated this look with a similarly - patterned acrylic. One important attribute of these stems is the softness of the material Ron uses. I hear complaints of Lucite stems being too hard on the teeth, but this material, if anything is softer than vulcanite. It gives a little when pressure is applied, but springs back into place. From an aesthetic perspective the work is tremendous and these replica 
stems are even more beautiful in person with no tool marks appreciable and a mirror-like shine. Because of the exactness of his work, I kid Ron that he has a stem cloning machine. 
I'm sure he wishes it were that easy.  From an engineering standpoint, Bikacsan is careful to drill the airhole and shape the tenon to provide the best smoke possible using Chonowitsch as a bench mark. Many times, his stems are improvements over the original.  For example, the Dunhill tenon was elongated on the replica to fit snugly against the bottom of the mortise to effect a drier smoke. The draft hole is tapered and flared at the button, which is made small to suit my preference. Also, the tenon slides into the mortise very easily until the last 1/16 inch or so when friction begins to take hold. Ron accomplishes this by turning the tenon on the lathe to a slightly larger diameter over the last 1/16-1/32 of an inch. This graduated profile greatly reduces the probability of a cracked mortise.Ron worked a miracle on one of my favorite Strambach calabashes. 
The original configuration included a vulcanite stem which fit over a large 1/4 inch nylon fitting protruding from shank. This fitting was hollow and served to promote moisture collection by causing turbulence in the airflow and a reservoir for fluid 
collection. To remedy this, Ron cut the fitting flush with the shank and fitted a traditional mortise inside of it. Then he crafted a black acrylic stem with an appropriately sized tenon to fit into it. All of this was done with the added complication that the stem had to be concave where it meets the shank to fit over a convex sterling silver ferrule. From the necessary complexity of my description, I hope you can appreciate the degree of skill required to accomplish this so the pipe 
looks identical to the original when assembled. This calabash was pictured in a recent installment of "Pipethoughts". As you can tell I am enthusiastic about Ronni's work and recommend him to anyone needing repairs or modifications to their favorite briars or 'bashes."

Mark Beale, MD

"The old Barling pipe arrived yesterday afternoon and it looks fabulous. You really did a masterful job on that little gem. Everything you did looks absolutely perfect. I am elated with the result. Your knowledge and artistry shines through on that neat 
little pipe. I will not hesitate to call on you again when I have a tough repair "that requires the best.

John Fabris

"I received the Dupont today and found it has been beautifully 
worked. Thank you for the job, it smokes better.
I will introduce your work in my column of motor cycle magazine."

Jiro Tominari

"The pipes arrived and look drop dead gorgeous. As you predicted, I wouldn't recognize them; my take is that I never knew what they could be. I am particularly pleased that the stems fit so nicely and that the draw is so smooth. Thanks for your elegant craftsmanship and attention to detail." 

Keith Meyer

"Check out the fine craftsmanship here. This little c.1935 shell had a hacked off shank from a previous owner. I didn't know what to do with it. This fella in TN (in my book, here's my TN list: 1. Ron Bikacson, 2. Davy Crockett) told me he could fix it up.
He's one of the few who care about perfection. I say this cause he left the blast run ALL the way up to the Corian (sp?) shank. No cheating- sanding the briar smooth. The stem is his work too and what a button it has. The taper is perfect too."

Kevin Chapman

"The Joura & Winslow both arrived safe and sound. In my
opinion you did one FANTASTIC job on the Joura, my eye
sight detects no apparent flaw as before."

Mark Schloemer

"You, Sir, are a genius! Besides of that, you are an artist! I had hoped that you might be able to do enough with the Ascorti to make a decent "fishing-pipe" of it. Even after seeing it, I simply can't believe what you've done! Kevin Chapman wasn't exaggerating your talents one bit! I wish he could see the before/after! I think I have a similarly busted Castello #88
poker. If I can find it, it'll be on its way to you ASAP!  The story on the Ascorti is that I had loaned it to a ne'er-do-well cousin of mine, Kenneth "Nutkicker" Blum, who was trying to get off ciggies about 12 or 15 years ago. He also had the Savinelli Prince and lost the stem while he was breaking the Ascorti. Several years after he died (he never did quit the ciggies)and his 95 year-old Ma was put in a rest-home, I retrieved the pipes.
Thanks for everything! I can't wait to show that picture to kchap! He will lose control of his bladder for sure!"

Richard Fleming

"Pipes arrived yesterday evening and I am smoking the Vacher at this moment. They look great and the Vacher smokes like a dream. It was always a good smoking pipe, and it is hard for me to imagine that blueprinting could make that much difference. But it seems to do so.  So, thanks for all the work you have done on my pipes. It is much appreciated."

Aubrey Thompson

"Just wanted to let you know I own 3 Ardors, 3 L'Antras, 2 Tonni Nielsens, and a Dunhill, and none smoke any better than the Velani you Blueprinted for me. When I got it back from you, I filled it with Astley's #2 and smoked it to the bottom without a relight. Amazing! The draw is open and I no longer get a 
headache when I smoke it. More pipes on the way!"

Mark Cooper

"The Peterson smokes and tastes like great. You have certainly brought it up to a new and fresh level! The stem is very nice and comfortable, but mostly it tastes fresher. The polish job was an added bonus- Now, this is the finest Peterson I've ever had!" 

Phil Keaggy

"I just received my repaired pipe from you and it is superbly 
done. Your craftmanship is amazing. It smokes wonderfully and the repair is nearly invisible and very strong. I would recommend your service to anyone wanting a pipe repaired. Thanks again for a job well done."

Frank Palamone

"I just got my pipe and it is BEAUTIFUL. Your work is the finest I've ever seen! I can't wait to smoke it - but I had to send this note first. I'm sure we'll do more business in the near future - but I had to thank you immediately for the superb job."

Dennis Bonelli

"I just received my Bang pipe and I couldn't be more pleased. Its perfect. You are truly an artist. I thought that I would have to throw it away and now its better then new. From now on any pipe repairs I need or anyone I run into that needs repairs will hear me preach the praises of "NightOwl Pipe Works."

Don Basile 

"Dunhill bamboo arrived yesterday - I am very pleased! The difference is immense - I now have several other Dunhill pipes I might like "opened."

Christopher Simser

"I smoked the Wade tonight and must tell you the drawn and burning of the tobacco was perfect!!!! You also did an excellent job on the appearance and it looks like a new pipe!!!"

Bill Maltzan

"Got the pipes last Thursday. They look fabulous! I'm so pleased. I didn't think that churchwarden would ever look that good again. And the Dunhill is spectacular for the age. The Sasieni is beautiful as well."

John Szymankiewicz

"The BBB and the Peterson just arrived. You are a genius!"

Larry Jones

"You did a superb job on that Knudsen. And it smokes like a dream. I can't wait to show it to my pipe club. The Ashton and Ceppo are both much improved and I'm enjoying them more than ever. Thanks again."

David Miceli 

"You put a stainless steel tube into the stem of a small meerschaum and made the draft hole diameter consistent throughout the stem. It has become such a pleasant smoker, I wonder if you could do the same for another small meerschaum and a large meerschaum that I have."

Loren Grace

"I just wanted to thank you for your work on my pipes. You did a great job putting the oval on the P-lip (bent) - it must have been a challenge. I've just finished smoking the Peterson that you blueprinted and loved it!"

John Bridges

"Having seen an example of the blueprint conversion in Chicago, I kind of knew what to expect internally. What surprised me most was how open you were able to get the smoke channel, through the stem, and particularly at the button. The draw is free and easy as you promised, really a pleasure to smoke. Thanks for your excellent work."

Fred Heim

"I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the bullet proof repair you made to my beloved Comoy Royal Canadian. The repair to the crack on the shank is flawless and the new insert you made for the tenon is perfect (beautiful bevel). The new metal tenon fits like a hand in glove. This is a brilliant repair and I am already enjoying my pipe again (Dunbar for this one)."

Edward Greenberg

"Pipe arrived today--Terrific job. Thanks for the draft hole enlargement. That is a big help. You are definitely the guy to go to. Thanks again."

Vic Morrison

"The Davidoff bent, with satin black sandblast finish, is now a totally smokable pipe, at the very top of my rotation. You turned a decent briar into a great smoking pipe, closing up the tenon/shank 'gap' area and opening up the airflow just right. Thanks very much for your excellent work."

Greg Burrows

"Pipes arrived yesterday. Wow! They are beautiful. I think you are a genius. What a joy it is to see such superb craftsmanship."

Len Cunix

"Just a note to let you know the repaired Rad Davis pipe arrived and I'm amazed. My friend, you are a magician! There is no visible crack and the stainless tenon/delrin sleeve repair is ingenious, neat, and smooth. Thank you very much. Its one of my favorite pipes and I'll enjoy a bowl in it this evening."

Regis McCafferty

"The difference is incredible. You have mastered both the mechanics of smoking quality and the design of a comfortable stem....Last night I got my first chance to show the Charatan at a club meeting. It really raised some eyebrows!   "Who did that?" was a repeated question... a good buddy of mine studied it carefully and said the fitting to the shank was incredible...My Ashton arrived today and I am thrilled with the outcome. The stem is beautiful and the draw is fantastic now. I don't think I could have enjoyed smoking that pipe in its original condition.   Thanks so much."

Cam Schutte   

"Your pipe work is great! You're as sensitive and delicate with the older pipes as you are inventive with the new pipe restoration...So far I have only smoked the silver banded Bang and it is a kingly smoke!   I'm on top of the world with that pipe...the air flow and draw is gorgeous."

Ian McCutcheon   


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